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Here’s How Game of Thrones Characters Would Sound If They Were Egyptian

Facebook user Emad Maher merged two of our favourite things ever: Game of Thrones, and Egyptian teta sayings.

Who knew Game of Thrones could be teta-friendly? Facebook user Emad Maher posted a series of our favourite GoT characters with their respective Egyptian sayings, and we just can’t even. Normally, we wouldn’t laugh at the fact that poor Lord Varys walks around with a missing penis, or Melissandre enjoys setting living toddlers on fire, but we guess that “Mafish Ensan Kamel” and “Ekram El 3ayesh 7ar2o” but these sayings are just so on point...

Now, we’re already quite familiar with the popular HBO hit series getting Egyptianised by online geniuses, but at this rate, we’re starting to think someone should just step up already and make it happen on the silver screen. Not you Sobky.

Remember Mai Ezz El Targaryen? Meet Daenerys Targaryen, Maleket El Dothrak W Mo7atemat El Adghal W Maleket El Andal W Mo7arerat El Aqnan W Om El Tananeen, Ela5, along with Ramsey Snow Ebn El Gazma, and our roundup of the funniest ones. We tried to translate them into English, but we do apologise – to our tetas especially – for the sayings seem confusing in any language. Even Dothraki.

"Nothing elevates a woman's order more than virtue." - Cersei Lannister.

"Fire can't burn a believer." - The Hound

"Politics is dirty." - Lord Baelish 

"We don't love who we choose, and we don't choose who we love." - Jaime Lannister.

"My uncle is my father," - Joffry Baratheon.

"I dream and open my eyes to the human paradise." - Daenerys Targaryen, Maleket El Dothrak W Mo7atemat El Adghal W Maleket El Andal W Mo7arerat El Aqnan W Om El Tananeen, Ela5

"Our strength is in our family." - Walder Frey. 

"Nobody's perfect." - Lord Varys.

"Be nice and don't get violent." - Ramsey Snow, Son of a Bitch.

"At first, they'll ignore you, then they'll mock you, then they'll fight you, then you win." - Samwell Tarly. 

"The fault is in the system you cows." - Tyrion Lannister.

"Once you lose the most valuable thing you own, you become free to do anything." - Theon Greyjoy. 

"To bless the living is to burn them," - Melisandre.

Check out the full list here.