Friday 3 of February, 2023
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The Egyptian Stationary Brands To Look Out for in 2018

From brands that work with NGOs to beautifully made leather-bound (and affordable) planners.

Staff Writer

Seeing as this morning I walked into the office and found my editor admiring his new notepad, tilting it at me but refusing to let me even touch it, I figured I needed a planner to at least give me the illusion that I’m getting my life together, or maybe I was just jealous. Either way, I decided to hunt for my own. And let’s be honest, sometimes (okay, most of the time) it's hard to make it through a full week without feeling like you're absolutely failing at this whole adulting thing.

To prove to myself that I am truly an independent power woman working in the Egyptian media industry, I decided to take it upon myself to outshine my superior and beat him at his own disgusting – but very visually appealing – sexy/cool notepad cover art game. Here is the lowdown on what I found to be sold in shops and stationeries within the country and I’m talking about cool, hip notebooks – not Abdel Zaher in Azhar’s old-school ones. They may be fucking gorgeous and customizable, but no thanks.


If you’re a fairy-tale, print-loving princess, Mofkera’s 2018 agenda set with unicorns, flamencos, floral prints gives you all the cutest patterns your whimsical little heart could ever want. Every set includes an exclusive weekly agenda notebook, a to-do list, sticker sheets, two coasters, and book mark – all adorned in beautiful wrapping paper and sealed with a love card.
Available at Alef Bookstores, Diwan Bookstore and Virgin Megastore.
Check out Mofakera’s Instagram account here.

Space Designs

With a calendar with each day laid out over a separate page, Space Design’s planner can be the difference between a happy hum of productivity and, well, watching another episode How I met your mother. And they're seriously SO pretty. 
Available at Alef Bookstores, Diwan Bookstore, Virgin Megastore and Mersal Foundation.
Check out Space Design’s Instagram page here.

Simple Things

Oh, happy day! Finally! Notebooks that get us! What more can we ask for with four notebooks for all our possible planning needs? Whether it’s business, pleasure or something in between, Simple Things have us covered with their sleek notebook designs; with form, function and fabulousness in tow, we can’t nitpick any details. Oh, and the mechanism of the binder allows you to add and remove as many pages as you want, which you can also purchase from Simple Things.
Available on Volume 1, Bakier Stationary, Bardo Clubhouse, The Mala and online via
Check out Simple Things Sketch’s Instagram page here.


Even if your notes are dull, at least the outside of this notebook won't be. This one is great for free writing or your late-night stream-of-consciousness brain dumps. Binded notebooks are 100% handmade, the owner hand-paints and hand-stitches the entire booklet of papers together and that alone has won our hearts.
Available online via Instagram and Facebook.
Check out their Binded’s Instagram page here.

The Notebook Coach

Check this planner out if you're looking to create daily habits – and as cliché as it sounds, become the best version of yourself. With personal exploration and reflection exercises, designed to deepen your self-awareness, this ‘life coaching tool’, that will help you achieve your goals while staying true to your values.
Available at Virgin Megastore, Volume 1, Treats Egypt, Diwan Bookstore and online via Instagram and Facebook.
Check out The Notebook Coach’s Instagram page here.

J Editions

Keep your day in order while remaining fun and stylish with J Edition’s abstract painting covers. These notebooks and planners feature designs that we would gladly hang as paintings in our home. They're just that good. Of course, you need a cool notebook like this— it’s not even a question.
Available at the Pop-Up Shop, Maison 69 Store, Rax Concept Store, Mounaya Gallery, Diwan Bookstore, The Giftery, and online via Instagram.  
Check out their J Edition’s Sketch’s Instagram page here.


Whether you're jotting down for the office, making a personal to-do list, take notes in style, with Tartasha’s handcrafted notebooks, employing Ebru, the Turkish art of marbling paper. The paper quality is above and beyond that of any other notebook on this list; it's incredibly smooth and silky. (But not, like, receipt paper silky; you can actually write on it).
Available online via their Facebook page.
Check out their Tartasha’s Facebook page here.

Dots Planner

Let everyone know just how damn busy and important you are with this planner. Pushing you to change your habits and work smarter while tracking progress and showering you with tips on a weekly basis to make ‘adult’ life easier. I really love the look of it — it's just very clean/neutral/elegant, it's also very sturdy and the hard cover means you can tote it around with you much of the time and you aren't going to kill it. 
Available at Diwan, Makar Co-Working Space and online via
Check out Dots Planner’s Instagram page here.

Ym Sketch

So, for all you procrastinators out there (myself being the biggest one of you all), then you might want to discover Ym Sketch’s beautiful bounty of notebooks. Also, I’m obsessed with their adorable unicorn desk calendrer with sticky notes - honestly, you could just keep it on your desk to gaze upon admiringly and/or pet lovingly when you are sad!
Available at Virgin Megastore, Diwan Bookstore, Alef Bookstores, Bakier Stationary, Volume 1 and online via Instagram and
Check out Ym Sketch’s Instagram account here.

Doodle Factory

It wouldn't be a list of notebooks without including Doodle Factory. If you cannot resist the siren song of a beautiful notebook in gorgeous colours, you know where to go. Doodle Factory partners up with NGOs, providing art classes to underprivileged children; they then select certain cases whereby the design team transforms the drawings into notebook covers and a percentage of the proceedings then goes back to fund children’s educational and healthcare projects.
Available at Virgin Megastore, Diwan Bookstore, Bardo Clubhouse, Urban station and online via Instagram and their website.
Check out their Doodle Factory’s Instagram page here.

Soul Quest

You know when you’re just at home drinking wine and writing and jamming to visions of your forthcoming empire? This happy self-exploration planner will nurture your creativity and self- motivation. There’s a different wellbeing topic every month with interactive exercises -  topics include clarity, awareness, generosity and giving.
Available at Virgin Megastore, Diwan Bookstore, Sherouk, Ahram, Nun center, Osana Wellness Center, Sane Center.
Check out their Doodle Factory’s Instagram page here.