Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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21 Artists to Take Part Radio Flouka’s Three-Day Online Festival

Paris-based Radio Flouka’s commitment to spotlighting Middle Eastern artists is louder than ever in their upcoming festival.

Scene Noise

Paris-based radio station, Radio Flouka, has been pushing the envelope since October of 2018 with their mission statement of giving Arab musicians not just a platform, but agency over their craft and their presence in the industry - a tenet salient in every one of their features, broadcasts, and talents.

The self-proclaimed ‘bedroom web-radio’ has been dedicated to handing back artists across the region the means to re-appropriate the ever evolving faces of the Middle Eastern music scene from Mashriq to Maghreb. In its pledge to do so, Radio Flouka is hosting an three-day music online festival showcasing a line-up of 21 different artists spanning a multitude of genres, starting April 9th through April 11th, from 7PM to 2AM CET.

Amongst the bustling list of artists headlining is Radio Flouka founder, D3M0R, Egyptian DJ and producer, Assyouti, as well as the Amman-based, TOUMBA. Check out the full line-up below:

-Alexi Shell
-Elise Massoni
-Lugal Lanbada
-Sarah Abd
-Sebastien Forrester
-Sinclair Ringenbach
-Terra Aziz
-Vanda Forte

Dedicated to artfully harnessing both exposure and accessibility, the event is free and available to be livestreamed on their website at