Friday 9 of December, 2022
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8 Bars Episode 8: 4N the Human

The closing episode of season one of the series diving into Egypt's rap scene has thrown up bit of a screwball in English-language Egyptian-American rapper, 4N the Human.

Scene Noise

SceneNoise series, 8 Bars, has put the spotlight on eight young Egyptian rappers breaking through one of the most chaotic, exciting scenes in the region - and we’re closing season one with something of a screwball, with episode eight welcoming Egyptian-American rapper, 4N the Human.

4N’s is a special case. You see, he holds the distinction of being the only rapper featured in the series that raps in English. Despite that, though, there’s something intrinsically ‘very Egyptian’ about the Alexandria native, something that fans will know is an ever-present in his music - sometimes subtle, but ever-present nonetheless.

As a rapper, his challenges are the same as anyone else in the series, his hustle no different to his Arabic-speaking contemporaries. Alas, his opportunities in Egypt are somewhat limited by virtue of his use of English, but that hasn’t clouded the mind of an intelligent lyricist who is under no illusions about his position on the local rap scene. Naturally he gets some backlash - “why is an Egyptian rapping in English?”

It would be easy for him to rid his music of his Egyptian roots altogether - why put himself in the firing line? That's not an option, though. He’s not about to fade away. This is one rapper who is proud to fly the Egyptian flag, a man determined to become and remain a part of what he sees as an utterly unique local rap scene.

في سلسلة سين نويز  8 بارات #8Bars اتعرفنا على مجموعة من نجوم الراب الشباب اللي فرضوا نفسهم على مشهد الهيب هوب المصري ولفتوا الانتباه وبقوا مرشحين إنهم يكونوا رقم 1 اللي جاي. وفي الحلقة التامنة هيكون معانا الرابر المصري الأمريكي 4N the Human.

4N the Human حالة خاصة شوية، يعني هو الوحيد بين كل نجوم 8 بارات اللي بيراب بالإنجلش، مع ذلك فهو مصري جدًا وإسكندراني، وأوقات كتير هتلاحظ ده في مزيكته وفي الأغاني بتاعته. كمان هو عنده نفس التحديات اللي بتواجه كل نجوم الراب اللي طالعين وبيحاولوا إن سكتهم تبقى سالكة. بس للأسف هو فرصه في مصر أقل شوية، وكمان بيتعرض لهجوم أكبر لأنه مصري بيراب بالإنجلش. بس هو مش بيقف كتير عند الهجوم والانتقادات، وبيحاول دايما يطور شغله ومصمم يكسب جمهور جديد هنا في السيين.