Friday March 31st, 2023
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Abo El Anwar Directs Latest Desso & Santa Music Video 'Magnon'

El Mexic crew strike again as the city’s most multi-faceted and tight-knit power-group.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egypt’s favorite collective, El Mexic, is back with another exciting piece of visual work, this time with resident rapper Abo El Anwar making his directorial debut on Santa, Desso, and Lil Baba’s latest music video for ‘Magnon’. The video is shot in nearly two locations, but the cuts, edits, and transitions keep things interesting and engaging to the watcher.

The video kicks off with Santa’s verse being punctuated with special effects such as a radial blur, transformation, and some warping with a handful of color palettes shifting in the frame in an electrifying manner. The abundance of transform edits and colors keep the dual-location shoot engaging to the viewer, which is no easy feat, but the multi-talented Abo El Anwar manages this with flying colours. The video is, in fact, a visual representation of ‘Magnon’, which translates to “crazy”,  making the use of flips, distorted filters, and haphazard video collaging.

Santa kicks off the single with his typical hard-hitting bars, sending a warning message to any opps, standing his ground with full confidence and ruthlessness. Midway through his verse, Santa gives off a new delivery sound we haven’t seen before, laying out his bars in a shouting manner with a slightly high pitch, an innovative move by the ever-evolving rapper.

Desso then enters the mix with mellow delivery in a monotonous tone; cool, calm and collected. Lil Baba offers an instrumental that goes crazy with the fluctuating hi-hats and an overflow of 808 hits. Forever a master with his creative choices, Lil Baba keeps it melodically minimal, with the simple use of a bell and a sci-fi sounding synthesizer for the counter-melody.

Mexic’s reign on the scene is just starting, with a powerful roster and a strong bond between their members. Constant releases, engaging music videos, frequent collaborations, and electrifying performances is what makes El Mexic the progressive collective that they are, and it shows with every piece of work they offer.