Friday September 29th, 2023
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Abo El Anwar Reflects on his Career ‘3 Seenen’ with Lil Baba

Three years into his career, Abo El Anwar releases a memoir of a track.

Ahmed Khalaf

Three years in the scene and Abo El Anwar is bigger than ever after an exponential rise into the scene, with hits such as ‘Mmmm Mmmm’ and ‘Scoo Scoo’. The artist has also released bangers with frequent collaborators Abyusif, Lil Baba, Perrie, Ahmed Santa, Desso, and Hussein Yasser, AKA El Mexic gang, one of Egypt’s biggest rap factions within the scene. Abo El Anwar decides to reflect on his career in a recent freestyle ‘3 Seneen’ (translated: ‘3 Years’), produced by none other than Lil Baba.

In the track, Abo El Anwar touches upon some of his experiences with the scene. He offers insightful anecdotes, such as how certain director(s) who once rejected working with him now beg to do so. He discusses the fakeness of the scene, how no one can be trusted: “They’d laugh in your face and swear behind your back.” Abo El Anwar also flaunts his success by mentioning his placement on one of the most famous international shows ‘Ramy’, as well as having two of his tracks sampled by croissant maker Molto for their highly successful ads. He even hints at the possibility of deviating into a second career of acting.

Lil Baba offers a mellow lo-fi instrumental and though it’s not a style we’re used to seeing from the versatile producer, he executes with ease through the use of muddy drums and dulcet Rhodes keys.

Listen to the full track on Anghami below.