Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Abyusif Dives into Drill and Jersey Club Beats on 'El 3asefa'

The pioneering Egyptian rapper embraces emerging trends on his latest release ‘El 3asefa’.

Zaid Kreshan

Abyusif Dives into Drill and Jersey Club Beats on 'El 3asefa'

As one of the most prolific rappers in the current Egyptian landscape, Abyusif has been on a constant stream of releases over the last few months with this solo work travelling across drill, old school hip-hop, and his unique brand of emotional trap.

The rapper has been recently featured on a long list of tracks with collaborators such as Lil Baba, Hala, and Vortex in the last two months alone, showing that his versatility and musical influences span a wide range of genres.

In his latest release ‘El 3asefa’, produced by Abyusif himself, the beloved rapper veers into retro-futuristic sonics, using video game sound effects and fast paced synth arpeggios giving the track a light-hearted quality.

The track also makes use of trap drum sounds in a dynamic way, such as choppy claps and sharp hi-hats, which are programmed to make up a drill drum pattern. He then transitions into a Jersey club beat rhythm in the second leg, with a rapid kick pattern and aggressive rap flows.

On the track, Abyusif calls out rappers in the scene with pointed lines, with a lyric that roughly translates to “you can’t maintain your success when you’re just a copy of a copy.” The confrontational nature of the track could also point to Abyusif’s frustration with the current state of the scene.

‘El 3asefa’ also shows that Abyusif is trying to stay ahead of the curve, he does this by embracing emerging rap trends such as Jersey club beats and drill, while simultaneously trying to add his own character through his left-field production style.

Listen to the full track here: