Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Budgy Opens Up on Latest EP ‘Ameer El Zalam’

Yet another release from the ever-consistent young rapper.

Ahmed Khalaf

According to people that frequently work with him, Egyptian rapper Budgy is one of the hardest working rappers out there. Throughout the past 12 months, Budgy has released over 20 singles and music videos, more than what many other rappers in the scene have released in the entirety of 2021. Now, to add to the streak, Budgy has released his latest EP ‘Ameer El Zalam’, arguably his most mature work to date.

The two-track EP sees Budgy with a new dark sound, full of emotions, laying his thoughts out in bars. The EP kicks off with the title track, in which Budgy expresses worries and moments of self-doubt, stating “I can’t recognize myself anymore, I forgot who I am, my brain isn’t in my head anymore.” Comparing himself to a dark knight, Budgy uses this as a metaphor of fighting off the conundrums and going head to head with the thoughts of the night. Egyptian producer Cobra makes the use of a heavily-flanged guitar riff as the core melody of the track along with a sinister sub-bass that fills the body of the instrumental, keeping the percussions spaced out, allowing focus on Budgy’s lyricism.

The EP then takes a slight change of color with ‘3ayez Ab2a Fanan’, with exciting Egyptian producer Mohaimen offering a brighter production style, courtesy of the dulcet Rhodes keys and airy pads. Budgy embraces his dream of becoming an artist and a star, proclaiming he doesn’t have time to waste with trivialities, embarking on a mentalith of hustle and constant hard work. The duo leave the last minute of the track purely instrumental, allowing the listener to enjoy the beat and ride out the insightful bars the rapper left them with.

Budgy’s rise to the top is just a matter of time, as the hard-working rapper keeps honing his craft, frequently releasing music and videos with passion and consistency.

Listen to the EP on Anghami below.