Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Cairokee Drops New Single 'Telk Qadeya' in Solidarity With Palestine

The track expresses disillusionment with a world that speaks about humanity but neglects the suffering and injustices within it.

Hesham Badr

Cairokee Drops New Single 'Telk Qadeya' in Solidarity With Palestine

Famed indie Egyptian band Cairokee released their latest single titled 'Telk Qaeya' in solidarity with Palestine. The track begins with the strumming of Amir Eid's acoustic guitar, setting a contemplative tone.

In typical Cairokee fashion, Amir Eid's poignant lyrics question the credibility of those who claim to be angelic or noble while turning a blind eye to the principles of justice and equality. As the song progresses, the bass guitar, percussion, synth, and hints of piano seamlessly intertwine.

Since the band’s founding their music has been known for its ability to capture the essence of societal frustrations and criticism. 'Telk Qaeya' serves as a powerful expression of disillusionment towards a world that often speaks up for humanity but fails to address the suffering and injustices happening within it.

In 2014, Cairokee released 'El Khat Dah Khatty' as part of the hit album 'El Sekka Shemal' which stands out as a rendition of the renowned poet Sheikh Imam's work. Symbolised by the broken olive branch, the song alludes to the destruction and fragmentation endured by Palestine.

Recently, Amir Eid collaborated on the track 'Rajeen' alongside 25 prominent artists from the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region, who lent their voices to show unwavering support for the people of Palestine. 'Rajieen' is a powerful fusion of hip-hop, rap, Arabic backbeats, and soulful ballads. Proceeds generated by the track and its accompanying video were dedicated to supporting the Palestine Children's Relief Fund.