Sunday September 24th, 2023
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DizzyTooSkinny Back with Batistuta for First Track from New LP ‘2050’

‘Baffa’ sees the young Egyptian rapper look to a man he considers a mentor, as well as IntoMyMind’s resident producer, Rashe Muzik, for the first taste of his debut album.

Ahmed Khalaf

A hustling, bustling hub of rap, Egyptian label, IntoMyMind, are at it again with another collaborative hit, this time between DizzyTooSkinny and Batistuta, the latter of whom isn’t technically on IntoMyMind’s books, but stands as something of a mentor to Dizzy.

Batistuta is, however, considered part of the same ‘Baffa’, an Alexandrian term used to mean crew or gang - a term that the song takes as its title. The full ‘Bafa’ is out in full force, with resident beatmaker, Rashed Muzik, on production duties, while even IntoMyMind founder, Ahmed G Ibrahim, gets in on the act and calls on his audio engineering skills for mixing and mastering. As has become a Dizzy trademark, the track sees him dial the autotune to some-kind of robotic, futuristic sound, while Batistuta is his best abrasive, bellowing best, as the two preach the importance of the ‘baffa’. On the beat, Rashed ditches the usual 808s and brings in a thick, fatty sub-bass instead, while making use of a floaty melody that goes into the realm of an ambient progression tinted with sinister tones.

The track comes as the first peek of Dizzy’s upcoming debut album, fittingly called 2050. While no release date has been announced, the album marks a huge milestone for a rapper that many have high hopes on as one of the most exciting young talents on Egypt’s rap scene.