Friday June 14th, 2024
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Egypt's Geeza Records Drop Argentinian Producer Juaan’s 'Dr.Ritmo’

Geeza Records is a new Egyptian record label and party series representing regional and international dance music talent.

Scene Noise

Egypt's Geeza Records Drop Argentinian Producer Juaan’s 'Dr.Ritmo’

Egypt-based Geeza Records makes a big first impression with its first press, enlisting much-acclaimed young Argentinian producer Juan for ‘Dr.Ritmo’ available in digital and vinyl formats. ‘Dr.Ritmo’ EP is a masterful blend of insatiable groove featuring four tracks ‘Carasho’, ‘Very Perdido’, ‘Dr. Ritmos’ and ‘Perdóname 30’ that have already garnered attention among top DJs and are poised to be dance floor essentials. Each track weaves together elements of atonal acid techno, galactic funk and warm hypnotic baselines splattered with flirtatious vocal samples and a lot of 90s flair. The release not only showcases Juan's prowess as one of the most promising producers at the moment but establishes Geeza Records' hunger to nurture the global underground’s most innovative house and techno sounds, from the mother of the world.

“After being online friends across continents for more than two years, it makes us really happy to have signed Juaan for his biggest release to date,” Ahmed Aroussi, Geeza Records co-founder, tells SceneNoise. “Juaan is one of the most sought after producers at the moment. He has an incredibly distinctive sound that you can notice from miles away.”

Established in response to Egypt’s lack of infrastructure for artists when it comes to dance music representation, distribution and booking opportunities, Geeza Records will also be hosting a string of monthly events around Egypt to look out for offering a vibrant, intimate and safe space to socialize and discover trailblazing house and techno talent from across the globe whilst also providing a platform to showcase Cairo’s new wave of brilliant selectors.

The team behind Geeza, including seasoned DJs, entrepreneurs and promoters, bring to the table a wealth of experience, with over a decade of collective expertise in music and event organization. This includes Cairo’s long-running ‘Sakanat’ series of parties, one of the most cherished and trusted gatherings over the past few years that became a driving force in developing a more sophisticated taste for the city’s nightlife scene - consistently showcasing emerging techno, house and minimal artists from around the world whilst putting Egypt’s local scene on the map.