Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Rapper Hype Releases Epic Visualizer for New Single 'Matrix'

The rising artist's debut visual work, ‘Matrix’, is giving mad cyberpunk energy, alongside producer Assad and served by Brazilian VFX artist Fabio Feliciano.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egyptian up-and-comer Hamza Fares, better known as Hype, has been out and about since his incredible debut last October with ‘Afkary’. As his name would suggest, Hype is all about his pumped up performances. His latest outing sees him adding another energizing single in ‘Matrix’ with Egyptian producer Assad, this time with a trippy visualizer.

Hype acknowledges himself as the “Matrix.” For those who haven't seen the movies (although if you get the chance, many would suggest sticking to the first one), the main character of ‘The Matrix’ is the chosen one who goes on to save the world, an allusion Hype makes within the single. He flaunts his mic abilities with fast raps and tongue twisters, adding a unique flavor to the upcoming rap scene wave. Assad offers a pacey trap beat with spacey pads for melodies, complementing Hype’s vocals alongside hard-hitting, crips trap drums. 

Brazilian VFX editor Fabio Feliciano does a brilliant job editing the video, which includes shots gathered from Hype’s previous Shababco performances in addition to extra scenes being recorded especially for this visualizer. The edit truly makes it seem like rave visual work fused with the matrix, giving true ‘cyberpunk but everyone’s just here to dance’ energy.