Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Intibint Explores Dark Aesthetic in New Single ‘Control’

The London-based Yemeni artist's latest release evokes a sense of battle present in orchestral performances.

Yahia Dabbous

The reliably versatile London-based Yemeni singer-songwriter Intibint expresses a new sound in her latest single ‘Control’, characterised by a dramatic, dark aesthetic that challenges any assumptions or definitions regarding her musical style.

Given that her exact genre indeed remains difficult to pin down, Intibint shows she is willing to experiment and can in fact quickly master new styles, as she paints a darker portrait in ‘Control’ that moves away from the honeyed-imagery her songs usually evoke. Produced by madcap Kuwaiti multidisciplinary artist, Zahed Sultan, an orchestral clash of a range of instruments battle with Intibint’s vocals, through a a sense of solace emerges amidst chaos whenever her voice harmonises with the beat.As she embarks on her own journeys of discovery and exploration, we can expect to accompany Intibint on deviant excursions with each of her new releases.