Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Jordan's Autostrad Pay Homeage To 90's Pop Icons In 'Beghyabek'

Another single, another musical style portrayed by the Jordanian giants.

Ahmed Khalaf

When looking at rock bands, most have established a certain sound that rules their work and could be audibly identified to their frequent listeners. Not Autostrad tho. The Jordanian giants prefer to keep their sonic direction eclectic with every release, offering a different style or genre with every releasee.

In ‘Betloom’, we’ve seen their hard rock/grunge side, while in ‘Matrooh’ they purvery their funk sounds. Their latest release, ‘Beghyabik’, is a 90’s Arab Pop-inspired tune which pays homage to the influence of 90’s pop iconic such as Hamid El Shaeri and Alaa Abd El Khalek.

Jordan’s rockstar wrote ‘Beghyabek’ back in 2021 during quarantine in collaboration with Jordanian writer Yasser Qubailat, which according to the band was a breeze of fresh air throughout the emotional times of COVID and quarantining.

The track is an energetic, synth-heavy piece of work that sounds like something straight out of a 90’s hit. The organ-lead in use was used in nearly all works of the 1990 pop-era, which is the main source of attraction in ‘Beghyabek’. The drum-programming and sound selection was also incredibly huge back in the day - that specific groove was the “IT” factor in all the classic hits. The sense of familiarity in this single is what gives it a hight playback value.

Check out Autoostrad’s homage to 90’s Arab Pop in ‘Beghyabek’ bellow.