Friday March 31st, 2023
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Jordan's Idreesi Writes a Disco-Kissed Love Letter in 'Amman'

The track comes as the first release for the singer-songwriter since signing for Saudi-based label, Wall of Sound.

Scene Noise

On a Jordanian scene that offers much more variety than much of the rest of the region realises, Idreesi has emerged as a unique figure in recent times, a reputation that stretches back to his 2019 live acoustic EP, Loon El Shams, and cemented by 2020 EP, Bsbanat. In that time, his sound has formed around some sort of formulation of guitar-based bedroom neo-folk, though this year’s collaboration with compatriot, Zaid Khaled, and Egyptian producer, El Waili, in ‘Ala Nar’ showed that he can break into the anthemic and the cacophonic.

In his latest release, ‘Amman’, things deceivingly begin on a sparse, delicate note typical of the singer’s signature style. Coming as Idreesi’s first release since signing with Saud-based label, Wall of Sound, the track - a love letter of sorts - lulls in its verses and their reflective solitude, before making way for a retro-Arab-shaded, disco-driven instrumental break, a hopeful burst of pop that dispels any idea that Idreesi is in a state of desperation or depression, despite his words.

The video - directed by Idreesi himself - encapsulates this, showing him alone at all times in various settings, ranging from a small studio setup in an apartment, to a rooftop overlooking Amman, to a tunnel. Despite being isolated, he plays to camera cheerfully, his weary eyes telling you everything you need to know about the track’s weary heart.