Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Jordan's Nawal Personifies Maturity In Latest Single ‘All On You'

In a region focusing on rap, emerges a Jordanian RnB artist that doesn’t shy away from asserting her emotions from personal experiences.

Ahmed Khalaf

Jordan-raised, Canada-based RnB singer Nawal is a force of talent that’s not to be reckoned with. Her debuting single ‘Mirage’ has certainly raised some eyebrows, with a stellar debut that’s dulcet, giving off a serene feeling to it. Nawal’s melodious direction gives her the ability to explore endless pop ballads, cascading within her personal experience, exemplifying a balance of life in the thronged city with the warmth of home through her music.

Nawal’s latest venture in ‘All On You’, sees her chewing over a previous love experience, breaking free from the shackles of self-guilt that one usually faces following a break-up from a loved one, expressing “baby you lose, it’s all on you.” Nawal's hopeful wit is a breath of fresh air with a lack of toxicity, facing maturity, and letting go with a forgiving heart to move on with her life.

Nawal utilizes a mellow RnB instrumental that makes the use of Rhodes and guitar riffs as its main foundation with a honeyad-sounding bass. The third section of the single sees a heart-bursting guitar solo, burgeoning along with Nawal’s vocals for the last chorus as the song slowly fades into abyss.

Catch Nawal’s unfeigned singing in ‘All On You’.