Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Marwan Pablo to Play First Live Show in Alexandria in 2 Years

In just under 2 weeks, Alexandrians will again be able to witness Pablo on his homeground.

Scene Noise

In the wake of the release of his latest single ‘BARBARY’, which took the internet by storm with 2 million video views in one day, Marwan Pablo announced an upcoming show in his hometown of Alexandria on the 18th of March. The event will be his first live show in the coastal town in 2 years, making it an emotional moment for fans.

The concert will be held at the New Ittihad Club and is Pablos first live appearance since his comeback show at Al Manara Arena in Cairo back in October which also featured appearances by fellow Palestinian musicians Shabjdeed, Al Nather and Shabmouri.

For tickets visithttps://www.ticketsmarche.com/tickets/buy-tickets-marwan-pablo.html