Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Meeting Of the Sudanese Giants: Soulja Invites Flippter Over 'Habsha'

Two of the biggest rappers in Sudan collide to present ‘Habsha’, produced by 77.

Ahmed Khalaf

Meeting Of the Sudanese Giants: Soulja Invites Flippter Over 'Habsha'

Sudan’s flourishing rap scene is in a constant state of producing new talents, bringing together well-seasoned artists, and growing an entire music community harmoniously. One specific artist who’s been the centre of attention in recent times, Soulja is on a hot streak of releases, collaborations, and press appearances across various regional music platforms. His latest outing in ‘Habsha’, sees Soulja getting together with one of the main pillars of Sudanese hip hop, Flippter.

Produced by none other than Egyptian talent, 77, ‘Habsha’ marks a vital collaboration between two mammoths of the Sudanese scene. The instrumental takes an eerie direction with a mysterious progression over simple drum-programming to keep the focus on the stars’ vocals. The heavy use of percs throughout the single is one of the main sonic attractions that causes a unique groove.

Soulja and Flippter are composed and dissident, portraying their powerful presence and canny intellect with shrewd lyrical prowess that stands out in its own right. While Soulja stays true to his typical pure Arabic raps, Flippter flaunts his poetic proficiency with a bilingual verse to complement that of Soulja’s.