Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Molotof & Shobra El-General Wake Up to the Truth in New Track 'Fawda'

And another one.. from Molotof, this time with Shobra El-General.

Ahmed Khalaf

Molotof and Shobra El-General return with another shaabi extravagant in ‘Fawda’, a signature Molotof production that boasts plenty of twists and turns. 

El-General discusses the mayhem we live in, and he emphasises “es7a lel kalam” (wake up to the truth), a sentiment that only draws you closer to what he’s saying. Molotof falls back on his usual percussion pattern, utilising darbuka and sagat, which he lays over your typical ‘Molowave’ lead synth, with a mizmar and flute acting as a counter-melody.As his fourth release of June, the track serves to cement Molotof's position as one of the most in-demand and prolific producers not only in Egypt, but in the region.