Friday December 8th, 2023
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Mougleta Goes Electronic In Latest EDM Single 'Just A Touch'

This new hard hitting track is euphoria inducing which is of course an element inextricable to dance-pop.

Scene Noise

Berlin-based Lebanese singer Mougleta - known for her eclectic releases, deriving from a range of pop bangers - has finally graced us with all-new single ‘Just a Touch’, featuring Besomorph and Coopex.

This new hard-hitting track is euphoria-inducing, which is, of course, an element inextricable to dance-pop. Every bit of the track oozes the late 2010s and that is predominantly due to the driving bassline manifesting throughout the track.

The song sheds light on the singer’s vulnerable side, as she decries the lack of intimacy in the pre-chorus: “Just kiss me, kiss me through the phone I wanna feel it all, you know I’m sleeping all alone. Just hit me through the phone, I wanna hear it all.” If that isn’t the most modern sentiment we don’t know what to tell you.