Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Mousv & Gelba Reflect On Their Origins In Short Music Film 'Khofash'

A mini film-music video depicting the ups and downs of Mousv and Gelba's careers.

Ahmed Khalaf

Mousv & Gelba Reflect On Their Origins In Short Music Film 'Khofash'

Throughout the entirety of hip hop history, it is more common to find a dynamic duo consisting of a rapper and a producer working seamlessly together to create classics; while some switch up their usual production-collaborations, most simply stick to one or two producers they’re comfortable to work with. Uncoincidentally, this dynamic found its way in Egypt as most rappers nearly only work with a single producer (unless things go sideways of course).

Some call them a dynamic duo, others call them family. Egyptian rapper Mousv Sam and producer Gelba found that music connection which is apparent in their releases and the chemistry between them on stage. Their manager, Khaled Baragona, decided to highlight the connection between these two artists, giving birth to their latest short music video ‘Khofash’, putting the limelight on their origins from Ismailia to the world.

‘Khofash’ was shot throughout a year and a half, From April 2021 to July 2022,  across different stages in their careers. The duo could be found roaming the streets of Ismailia, hanging out in the studi, performing at a couple of huge concerts, at a nightclub, also at a rowdy underground party, in which Mousv performed ‘Khofash’ for the first time.

In ‘Khofash’, Mousv discusses the highs and lows of their career, reminiscing on the tough times they went through together, to the blissful moments that made their careers shine. Mousv also flaunts his and Gelba’s success, comparing themselves to the many ‘wannabees’ in the scene who don’t offer anything new or proper. Gelba provided a house-y production for this one, straying away from his usual shaabi style. With a pacey four-on-the-floor drum programming accompanying a mellow guitar and a mysterious lead-progression, Gelba offers the most suitable direction for Mousv’s sinister vocal tones.