Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Music Fair Cairo: Music Experience to connect Cairo’s Creatives

A jam-packed day of live performances and DJs, panel discussions, listening sessions, independent artists and exhibitors, and record sellers will form the first edition of this creative extravaganza.

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 Music Fair Cairo: Music Experience to connect Cairo’s Creatives

A brand new outdoor musical experience is opening its doors at Giza’s trendy Sakkara Retreat: at Music Fair Cairo, audiophiles, members of the music industry, artists and aspiring multidisciplinary talents will have the opportunity to connect and inspire creativity in the ever-growing musical landscape that is Cairo. The concept promises to spark new musical ideas, conversations and music projects among creatives working in all aspects of Cairo’s music industry.

The first edition will be held on March 10th, running from noon until midnight, and is co-founded by veteran DJ Saleh Amin and Yellow Tape Records founder Hazem Hossam, with Maria Saba as visual art director, and Frctl event brand founder, Malak Hossam leading visual production.

“I have always wanted to create an event which demonstrates that music in Egypt does not revolve purely around going out and partying, but that there is a lot more happening in our community,” said Saleh Amin. “For example, there are lots of different creatives involved in each stage of producing a music event, who contribute in their own way to the wider music community. Another key reason for creating Music Fair was to find a way to connect creatives in the field and to open up new opportunities for learning and working together.”

Meanwhile, for fellow co-founder, Hazem Hossam, the Music Fair is meant to be a “gateway for music head’s and a good chance for the crowd and people in the music field to interact together & get to know one another,” he said. “Our partners are mostly rooted in the local underground community that have been doing a great job at putting Egypt on the map…and Music Fair is a celebration of them as well as a space for raising awareness, reviving the musical relationships and a yearly thing to look forward to."

The stage program will include a talk by members of the local music industry, including Yaseen Azzouni, Zeina Ezz (of event series ‘Unfamiliar’), Shady Ahmed, and a surprise headline speaker TBA. Live performances and DJs will guide the event into the evening, playing a diverse range of genres and sounds from the likes of Amrr, Juno, Kubbara, Hashem, and Saleh Amin. Expect to engage with a selection of music and night time activations by JellyZone, Moshtrq, Audio Bus and Music Hub Egypt.

Not only this, but a vibrant curation of exhibitors and artists will include the talented Kafrawy, Maria Saba, Phlog and Cairopolitan. Visitors will also be able to treat themselves to independent vendors such as UNTY, UG Social, Nazli's Noise x EarPeace, Funkify, SOLD, and merchandise from El Waili.

Discovering new musical narratives and keeping old ones alive is the Music Fair’s mission. Therefore, those welcomed to the experience include everyone from live performers to DJs, crate diggers, and curious individuals to share their unique collections of sounds for the soul. Music curation at a dedicated 'Record Store' area will be provided by Intuit FM and local vinyl retailers Sherry's, Endless Records and Yellow Tape Records and Culture.

According to the founders, “Ultimately, our goal is to spark an exchange of ideas, grooves and eclectic sounds from around the world - from Electronic to Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae and more. Entertainment aside, Music Fair Cairo aims to become a melting pot for the cultural and educational, curated to develop and interlink the local music industry. We will have dedicated areas within the venue that will host talks, exhibitions, a marketplace and nightlife activations.”