Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Nubi Releases New Single ‘Farka’ With Issa&Assouad

'Farka' marks the first collaboration between the electrifying production duo and the young rapper.

Ahmed Khalaf

Besides the hit collaboration with Egyptian rapper DizzyTooSkinny and Wezza in ‘Ediko Fo2’, native rapper Nubi has kept a relatively low profile since the beginning of this year, but there has been rumors spreading around that there’s an album in the works. Nubi releases his first song of the year in ‘Farka’ with sensational producer-duo Issa&Assouad.

It seems like Nubi is dissing a certain someone, having a good bunch of the lyrics throwing jabs anonymously yet subtly with the notion of being stingy, cheap, unprofessional, and being easy. Nubi’s smooth-as-butter flow and dulcet vocals keeps the listener plugged in and focused on what the Nubian rapper has to say. Issa & Assouad keep it minimalistic yet pumped up with energy, making the use of crazed hi-hat patterns and a simple reverberated melody, leaving space in the frequency spectrum for the rugged bass and Nubi’s vocals to shine within.

It is one of these rare instances where Nubi doesn’t go with his frequently used Nubian dialect, but he does so in fine fashion. It’s still early in the year, and it is assured that the fans are waiting for more releases from this young exciting rapper.