Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Palestinian-Chilean Popstar Elyanna Shines on New Single 'Mama Eh'

The release of Elyanna’s latest track, ‘Mama Eh’, is accompanied by a visually evocative music video by director Iris Kim.

Scene Noise

In a world where the transcendent power of music intertwines cultures, Palestinian-Chilean singer, songwriter and artist Elyanna is crossing boundaries with her latest single, ‘Mama Eh’.

Elyanna's musical prowess takes centre stage as her dynamic vocals effortlessly soar above the organic production and dreamy keys of the new single. Released just a few days ago, the song beautifully layers Arabic verses with a universally catchy chant of the title on repeat. It's a mesmerising composition that showcases her exceptional ability to bridge diverse musical traditions.

The track’s release is accompanied by a visually evocative music video, a collaborative effort between Elyanna and director Iris Kim. The symbiosis of music and visuals transports viewers into Elyanna's captivating world, where cultural influences seamlessly merge.

Elyanna's performance at Coachella earlier this year solidified her status as an artist at the forefront of popular culture. She became the first artist to deliver a full set in Arabic at the festival, fearlessly bringing her music and rich heritage to the global stage, whilst capturing the attention and acclaim of critics and fans alike.