Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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‘Project VVS Unlocked’ To Headline Gamiano and Issa & Assouad

Sheer determination from VVS to further push the underground local scene.

Scene Noise

While nearly all underground parties in Cairo are focusing on electronic music and its wide array of sub genres, emerges VVS Entertainment who are keeping all their focus on pushing the underground hip hop scene in Egypt with a series of parties highlighting the underlooked rappers, producers, and DJs of the underground scene. In the first edition of ‘Project VVS Unlocked’, the party will see rappers Gamiano, Anas Hefny, Hype, MCM, Meniawy, and Hog, with DJ/producer duo Issa & Assouad on DJ duties alongside A1 on Thursday, the 12th of May in Maadi.

Founded by Hefny, previous VVS events saw the likes of Nadine El-Roubi, Mousv Sam, Uzu, Issa & Assouad, Menyawi, Moe Gee and Hefny himself. VVS keeps constant tabs on rising and upcoming rappers, DJs, and producers, giving them a platform and stage for them to showcase their unnoticed and underappreciated talents of the local scene.

Contact @vvsmena.ent on Instagram for booking and reservations.