Sunday May 19th, 2024
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SHREET COCKTAIL | Jan 28 - Feb 03

This edition features tracks from Lana Lubany, Dirty Backseat, and Alsarah ft. Sufyvn, and Flippter.

Scene Noise

SHREET COCKTAIL | Jan 28 - Feb 03

Featuring new Arabic songs and fresh releases from the MENA region, SceneNoise’s playlist ‘Shreet Cocktail’ highlights music across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic landscapes.

This week, we saw Alsarah, Sufyvn, and Flippter delivering a stunning music video for ‘Farasha’, Lana Lubany releasing ‘Point Of No Return’, and Molotof’s latest: ‘Abd El Shahawat’. Meanwhile, out of the dance music scene, Fulltone released his latest track ‘Nowhere to Go’, while we were treated to a TYRVNT remix of CHAAMA X Zamane’s ‘Fog Elna Khil’.

SHREET COCKTAIL | Jan 28 - Feb 03:

Dafer Youssef - Sudra Funk

Toufic Farroukh - Nahawand

Moha K - Elle (pt2)

Amal Murkus - I'm From Here

Asif Group - Bent Lycée 

Dirty Backseat - Gotta Go/Good Nite 

Idreesi - Taba

Sasha Carassi, Husa & Zeyada - Bad Wrongs

Fulltone - Nowhere to Go

Molotof - Ehrab

El Sawareekh - Salamtek Ya Dma8y

Elsayed Agamy x Seif - Zy ma B3dna

RIFF X EL Waili - Saba7 El Manga

Terouz - Tiger Girl

Alsarah - Farasha ft. Sufyvn, Flippter


CHAAMA X Zamane - Fog Elna Khil (TYRVNT Remix)

YAS - Bet On Me
Listen to the full playlist below: