Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail | Jan 30 - Feb 13

In this edition of Shreet Cocktail, SceneNoise curated a selection of genre blending tracks from across the MENA region.

Scene Noise

Shreet Cocktail | Jan 30 - Feb 13

In this edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist, we've assembled a lineup showcasing top indie artists like Idreesi and Luka Salam, along with electronic selections such as Adam El Haddad's contributions from the VA album ‘We Eat Mangos Vol. 1’, and heavy metal offerings like ‘El Mat’hani’ by Bu Nasser Touffar.

Featured on the playlist is ‘Mesh Bil Kalam’, a track by Idreesi and Ahmed Diaa, serving as the title piece for Idreesi’s latest EP. This collaborative effort delivers a piano-driven indie composition, with Idreesi's distinct vocal style taking center stage amidst dreamy sonic landscapes. The incorporation of oriental string chords adds an authentic touch, showcasing Idreesi’s unique fusion of acoustic and electronic elements.

Next up is ‘404’, featuring El Waili and Nada Abbas, from the soundtrack of Mona Zaki's new film ‘Re7la 404’. El Waili, known for his recent ventures into composing music for films and TV shows, collaborates with Nada Abbas to pay tribute to Laila Morad’s ‘يا رايحين للنبي الغالي’. Nada's rendition of the song, accompanied by El Waili's flute samples, creates a spiritual ambiance that complements the original piece.

Nour Khan's latest track, ‘Hona Baqoon’, features her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, which shed light on the ongoing struggle and resilience of the Palestinian people against the aggressive Israeli invasion of Gaza.


Idreesi x Ahmed Diaa - Msh Bil Kalam

Sharmoofers - Kalam El Mama

Luka Salam - Katreen

Nour Khan - Hona Baqoon

Raja Otaqui - Most of Love

El Waili & Nada Abbas - 404

Adam El Haddad - Breaky

Bu Nasser Touffar – Al Mat’hani


Listen to full playlist: