Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Saudi A-Pop Artist Molham Drops New Track 'Leh Habibi'

Saudi’s poster boy for ‘the new age’, singer, rapper and songwriter Molham just dropped another heartbreak ballad.

Fadila Khalid

Saudi pop sensation Molham - whom you might know as the singer behind the once-upon-a-time attached to every marriage proposal on TikTok track 'Khayali’ - has released yet another of his eclectic love songs.

Known for his devil-may-care attitude, Molham's new track, 'Leh Habibi', offers a different flavour of romance, as if he's chosen to break through his flamboyant and overconfident facade to show us a glimpse of the vulnerable, deeply in-love young man within. 'Leh Habibi' is a song that's all heart, the strum of the oud matches the flutter of butterflies that accompany missing a loved one, while the beat breaks through the softness of the strings and the moroseness of the lyrics. While Molham is part of a new generation of regional artists who've been brought up between the Middle East and the Global North, and whose music is an often eclectic blend of sounds and languages, Molham seems to be gravitating towards strictly Arabic lyrics in his songwriting as of late.

Molham made his 'official' debut in March of 2018, with his first EP, ‘The Time is Yesterday’, featuring Egyptian darling Malak El-Husseiny and Yusra J. This EP’s single, ‘Me Against The World,’ catapulted him into stardom, peaking at #5 on Anghami’s top hip hop chart and trending in seven countries in the MENA region throughout the month. In September of the same year, on Saudi National Day, Molham released ‘Saudi Citizen’ which paved the path for a new nationalist narrative to emerge, becoming a Saudi youth anthem for its cohesive portrayal of the mixed feelings all youths harbour towards their homes.