Saturday May 25th, 2024
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SceneNoise Presents: Dawsha 01 - Abo El Anwar

SceneNoise launches its first podcast ‘Dawsha’. Episode one sees SceneNoise’s Zaid Kreshan get up close and personal with rising Egyptian rapper Abo El Anwar to discuss scooo, scooo and brrrrrp.

Zaid Kreshan

SceneNoise Presents: Dawsha 01 - Abo El Anwar

Over the past few years, the music scene in the MENA region has been undergoing an unprecedented boom, going from an industry that was centered around mainstream Arabic pop music, to an industry led by artists who went from making tracks in their bedrooms to becoming international superstars.

We started ‘Dawsha’ to talk about this seismic cultural shift, to get much deeper insights from the artists and industry personalities shaping music in the region but also to have a bit of casual fun, in a whatever comes to mind, heart-to-heart, kind-of-clumsy format.

In the first episode, SceneNoise’s Zaid Kreshan sits down with one of Egypt's most beloved rappers, Abo El Anwar, to talk about the state of the Egyptian rap scene, how fame has affected his personal relationships, and the rapper's latest EP - Law Makonash 7awelna.

Watch the first episode of ‘Dawsha’ here, or on any listening platform: