Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Select 207: Mixed by Dea

For our 207th Select, the UAE-based Italian DJ Dea is bringing her multi-layered techno and dance-oriented beats into an hour-long set.

Scene Noise

Select 207: Mixed by Dea

For our 207th Select session, we are bringing in Dea, a UAE-based Italian DJ and co-founder of Dubai’s techno collective Secta - a driving force in the city’s underground dance music scene. Earlier in 2023, Dea launched Secta’s record label, aiming to spotlight MENA-based electronic artists from different backgrounds and showcase their talent regionally and globally. 

Featuring her signature deep hypnotic rolling melodies, electro-infused beats and kinky basslines, Dea’s dynamic hour-long set for Select is packed with high energy, promising to keep you grooving till the last minute featuring the likes of Chlär, Toobris, Franco Alesso and Modem. 

Listen to the full set here: