Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Select 218: Mixed by Sulisizer

Cairo-based music producer Sulisizer is bringing his hypnotic sounds to our Select with a 48-minute original set.

Riham Issa

Select 218: Mixed by Sulisizer

Hailing from the heart of historic Cairo, Sulisizer is an Egyptian music producer known for his fusion of shaabi and contemporary electronic music. His unique musical style, heavily inspired by the rich Egyptian and Sufi cultures that surround him, reflects both the historical context and modernity of his point of view. Known for performing anonymously behind a cyberpunk mask and eye-catching attire, Sulisizer never fails to capture the attention of audiences. Earlier last week, the Egyptian producer collaborated with hip-hop rising artist Karim Osama on a new track ‘3l Abyad’, which was released on Osama’s new EP ‘K.O’.

For our Select 218th, Sulisizer has created a 48-minute original set that fully captures the essence of the Sufi culture in Egypt and the spirit of Old Cairo’s neighbourhood (dynamic mahraganat soundscapes included). Proceed with caution, and loudspeakers in hand.

Listen to the full set here: