Monday May 20th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | April 22 - 28

Featuring new Arabic songs and fresh releases from the MENA region, SceneNoise’s playlist ‘Shreet Cocktail’ highlights music across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic landscapes.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | April 22 - 28

This week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail brings you new releases from rising indie artists such as Nour, Baskot Lel Baltageyya, and Tymour, as well as the return of beloved singer songwriter Dina Elwedidi. We also saw the release of Felukah’s latest summer bop, as well as some high-octane electronic releases from around the region, such as Muqata’a’s remix of Traka’s ‘Start Taking Note’ Ft. Killa P, and Ammar 808’s ‘Doudou Brahim’ Ft. Bellassan Mihoub.


  • Nour - Wana
  • Baskot Lel Baltageyya - Baskot (Cookies)
  • Samar Tarik - Masafat
  • Dina Elwedidi - Balaleen
  • Issam Alnajjar, Mohamed Ramadan, Gims - Tmo
  • April - Tales That Can't Describe
  • Tribe of Monsters X El Far3i - Markaz El Madina
  • Mazyn - High Hopes
  • Lana Lubany - On My Way
  • Muqataa - Traka - Start Taking Note Ft. Killa P (Remix)
  • Big Murk & Abul3ees - Mamzoo3
  • Maleq - Less is More
  • Felukah - Egyptian Lover
  • Ammar 808 - Doudou Brahim Ft. Bellassan Mihoub

Listen to the full playlist here: