Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Aug 05 - 11

This week’s playlist brings you a genre-bending selection featuring artists like Tamtam, Slyver, and Bayou.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Aug 05 - 11

This week on Shreet Cocktail, our selection features the likes of rising Moroccan talent Rita L'Oujdia with her latest earworm, ‘Parara’, as well as Saudi Arabian artist Tamtam, who channels pop acts like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha on her latest release, ‘Rollercoaster’.

Meanwhile, Egyptian artist Bayou’s latest release ‘Call Her Right Now’ (feat. Hady Moamer & Motif Alumni) sees him taking a change in direction, going from a sound that was centred around pop, trap and hip-hop, to one that dives head-first into R&B sonics.

We also bring you some not-to-miss releases from fan-favourites such as Noel Kharman, Pink Seasalt, N9wf, Slyver, and Wust El Balad, and many others.


  • Tamtam - Rollercoaster
  • Bayou - Call Her Right Now (Ft. Hady Moamer & Motif Alumni)
  • Noel Kharman - Wayyak
  • Lolo Zouaï - Don't Buy Me Flowers
  • N9wf - I Need You
  • Pink Seasalt - Slip N' Slide
  • Rita L'oujdia - Parara
  • Slyver - Yaba
  • Wust El Balad - 3al Wa3d
  • Hanymust - I Ask Nothing
  • Nadim Azzam - The Come Up
  • Autostrad – Nasini
  • Abul3ees - Balad

Listen to the full playlist here: