Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Skrillex Releases Music Video for ‘Xena’ ft. Palestine’s Nai Barghouti

This arabic-infused dubstep track’s music video is the ultimate transmission of female resilience and empowerment.

Youssef Armanios

Skrillex Releases Music Video for ‘Xena’ ft. Palestine’s Nai Barghouti

After sending seismic waves through the electronic audio-sphere last February with the release of his second studio album ‘Quest for Fire’, featuring a track with Palestinian female singer Nai Barghouti ‘Xena’ -  which you can read our review of here - Dubstep mogul Skrillex just dropped the music video for this Arabic-infused electronic single.

Directed by Amara Abbas and filmed in Turkey, the video revolves around female passion and rage, liberation, duality of culture, freedom of choice and resistance, shedding a light on the women who are leading revolutions in systems that are designed against them. A tattoo on the lead’s neck that reads ‘Mokawma’, or ‘Rebellion’ in Arabic, is given the focus on multiple occasions throughout the shoot.

In an almost all-female cast, the actresses traverse a myriad of locations, from chaotic and fire-struck streets to cozy living rooms, from bathhouses to beaches, from dark empty alleyways to crowded clubs and highways and deserts, all while alternating between moments of conflict, resistance, fear, love, festivities and, most prominently, dance.

Dance is a recurring theme throughout the video; some are choreographed, while some are based on improvised performances by the actresses. It is a physical response to what is being felt inside, the rage, the relief, the exhaustion, the euphoria.

The dancing builds up with intensity, reaching violent highs during the chorus and outro, mirroring the ferocity of the cascading Darbooka and Tabla hits, which are accentuated by Zaghroutas and fleeting screeches, echoing a metaphor for struggle and resistance.

During the outro, our lead is seen violently dancing alone in an empty street. And although she trips and forcefully hits the floor repeatedly, she gets back on her feet every time, signaling the resilience of Arab women and their ongoing fight against imposed injustices. Check out the full video below: