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Sound of Noize Founder Essperx Releases New Track ‘Yabni baa baa’

‘Yabni baa baa’ sees Sound of Noize founder Essperx bend the rules with vocal samples from Pamdgvv.

Egyptian label Sound of Noize is known for high-voltage releases and twisted production. With their last release however, Sound of Noize founder Essperx produced a house-inspired track, deviating from his typical experimental approach – always keeping at its core, however, that signature Sound of Noize twist.

For this release, Essperx opted for a tech-house inspired track while maintaining his signature experimental direction. The track starts off with a banging kick, accompanied by a sampled laugh from Pamdgvv and some conversation, before the introduction of the hefty percs and shakers, giving an extra groove-dose to the sonics. The vocal chops add a unique bounce to the track, acting as Essperx’s signature experimental touch to this style. Things come to a sweet culmination with a distorted synth-line, as the percussive-elements dissipate one by one till the track reaches its end.