Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Swani Is Ruffled In Chilling New Single 'Taqa'

Swani returns from hiatus following his debut EP to present this challenging single.

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Swani Is Ruffled In Chilling New Single 'Taqa'

Egyptian rapper Swani has been in his creative cave for quite some time now, taking the past couple of months to hone his craft and cook some new singles in the meanwhile. Following a stellar debut EP ‘Rahan’, Swani takes a step back from the futurist, electro-shaabi direction he adopted to a more leftfield direction in his latest single ‘Taqa’, captivating the rapper’s ability to adapt to experimental sonics.

Produced by Egyptian beatmaker and audio engineer Swish, ‘Taqa’ reflects Swani’s darker side, giving off a sense of resentment and discomfort. ‘Suicidal, agitate’ are the first words uttered by the Aswani rapper, giving a hint of the lyrical direction in use.

The single is melancholic yet feisty, finding a balance between Swani’s dejection and his unbounded hunger. Swani sends a strong message to a certain someone (or something), but the rapper prefers to keep his lyrics open for the listener’s interpretation.

Sonically, Swish offers a harrowing instrumental, heavily reverberated with a peculiar rhythmic groove to it. The arpeggiated percs gives this single its own unique flavor and dominates the frequency spectrum as the main attraction of this single.