Sunday May 19th, 2024
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The Labels & Collectives Taking Over XP Nite in Riyadh Dec 7th-9th

From Amman’s Vortex to Tunisia’s Fabrika, here are all of the MENA labels, collectives and artists showcasing at XP Nite.

Scene Noise

The Labels & Collectives Taking Over XP Nite in Riyadh Dec 7th-9th

XP Music Futures, a dynamic Saudi platform that has been redefining the music industry in the MENA region with its annual conference, has revealed the full Nite program for the third edition of its XP Music Futures Conference, which is scheduled to take place from December 7th to the 9th across several warehouse spaces simultaneously in JAX District, Riyadh.

This year’s XP Nite will present an intersection of work and play, bringing together intimate live performances and showcases from an ensemble of MENA labels, collectives, and artists across various genres. From metal to electronic and alternative, XP is packed with diverse parties and concerts from the region and beyond.

Spanning the three days of the conference, the XP Nite schedule will see showcases from Jordan’s Vortex Festival and Malakat record label, Tunisia’s Fabrika Festival, UAE’s Ego Records, and GXR Records, alongside FemmeFest. Additionally, the night will feature showcases from Saudi label Wall of Sound, and Heavy Arabia Entertainment, amongst many more.

SceneNoise will be hosting a live performance by Egyptian rapper Abyusif, while Saudi’s MDLBEAST Records is also set to fire up the stage with a series of live performances by a slew of regional artists like Lana Lubany, Zeyne, NOURI, and Molham.

Day One | December 7th 

Vortex (Jordan) – From 21:00 till 02:00 

Known for bringing a spectacular audio-visual experience to the heart of Amman, Vortex will be showcasing a fiery lineup at XP Nite, featuring regional talents like Oun Jweinat, Amro Malhas, Dana Ruh and Kosh.

Heavy Arabia (KSA) – From 20:30 till 22:00

Saudi Arabia’s first heavy metal entertainment company, Heavy Arabia will bring a collective of metal rock sounds to XP Nite with a lineup featuring Sound of Ruby, Dusk and 9six6.

Fabrika (Tunisia) – From 21:00 till 02:00

Based in Tunisia, the international minimal electronic music festival will be bringing a jam-packed lineup of Tunisian artists including Pan-j, ME.DI, MIN8, and HearThug.

Wall of Sound (KSA) – From 22:00 till 02:00 

For this year’s XP Nite, Saudi indie label Wall of Sound will showcase an ensemble of live performances by notable regional artists including El Waili, Lebanon’s Machine Eat Man, Albaitil Ashawi, Eon, Rust, as well as Ana.n7n.

Loop (KSA) x Imagine Family (France) – From 21:00 till 02:00 

Saudi Arabian collective Loop and French collective Imagine Family are collaborating to bring an exciting showcase of international talents like Danah, Krol, Aline Umber, and Maxime dB.

Brij (KSA) – From 21:00 till 02:00

Brij Entertainment will bring their signature fusion of Saudi R&B and hip-hop to XP Nite with a lineup featuring DJ Bonita, Frenchy Says Relax, Shaolin, and Tent Sessions, curated by Brij’s founder Saudi music producer Saud.

Malakat Records (Jordan) – From 20:00 till 23:00

Jordanian record label Malakat will showcase a talented ensemble of artists such as Charls Ava, Sandy Chamoun, and Korea Town Acid.

Aadi x Distrikt (KSA/ France) – From 23:00 till 02:00

Saudi collective Aadi is joining forces with Paris-based party series Distrikt for this XP Nite, featuring eclectic regional sounds by Bassam Escko, Ramez and Tarab Electro.

Day Two | December 8th 

MDLBEAST Records - Diaspora  – From 20:00 till 23:00

Saudi’s MDLBEAST Records will showcase a slew of regional talents in the diaspora such as Lana Lubany, Zeyne, NOURI, Gharam Electric and Molham.

Madhaūs (KSA) – From 20:00 till 02:00

Saudi Arabia’s Madhaūs Entertainment is bringing an electrifying fusion of regional sounds featuring Noa, Mana B2B Vodin, Núria, Moses and Nicole Moudaber.

Syrup (KSA) – From 21:00 till 23:00

The Saudi music venue will light up the XP Nite with live performances from NightShift and all-female rock band Seera.

Noctuary x Yoyaku (KSA/France) – From 21:00 till 02:00

Saudi music event brand Noctuary is teaming up with France’s Yoyaku for XP Nite, bringing a lineup of regional DJs that includes Tamer B2B Masa, Daylomar B2B hAMEED, Satoshi Tomiie, and Cabanne.

Ego Records (UAE) – From 21:00 to 00:00

UAE’s independent record label will showcase their talents at this year’s XP Nite with a lineup featuring 3inshams, Harima, Rare Treat, and Vanny Fox.

Electric Days (UAE) – From 21:00 till 02:00

Dubai-based event brand, Electric Days, known as the Vibes series will be firing up the deck at XP Nite with a lineup of talented DJs including Kurls, Doudou MD, Joyce Muniz, and Maks.

WTR (KSA) x Somewhere (Lebanon) – From 23:00 till 02:00 

From Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, music collective Somewhere is collaborating with WTR to showcase a lineup of talents like Ronin B2B Ralph, Jeme, and Zone+.

Karaz (KSA) – From 23:00 till 02:00 

Saudi culture and music collective, Karaz, will serve an authentic taste of MENA disco and disco house, such as Maie, DUL, and Things You Say feat. Kiki Kyte.

GXR Records (UAE) – From 00:00 till 02:00 

Having been amplifying the voice of artists across the MENA region and Asia, Dubai-based indie music label GXR Records will showcase a slew of their talents including DJ Loko, Nour Khan, Hanody Awesome, Gustavo, Brown, and Freek.

Day Three | December 9th 

Narratives (KSA) – From 20:00 till 01:00

Saudi community-driven multi-genre platform Narratives, known for delivering a playful healing experience through weaving art with music, will be showcasing a lineup of regional artists such as Dj Hafs, Arabieneze, and Alaa.

Trommel (Worldwide) – From 20:00 till 01:00 

Global underground electronic music media platform, Trommel will host live performances from an ensemble of talented musicians, the likes of John Dimas, Monile, and Majid.

Untamed (KSA) – From 21:00 till 02:00 

KSA’s Untamed family will showcase at this year’s XP Nite a lineup of regional talents such as Fantome De Nuit’s Nesta, Biirdperson and Cesar Merveille.

Middle of Nowhere (UK) – From 21:00 till 22:45 

Nooriya’s London-based SWANA party series will showcase a rap cypher from a group of regional female talents like Khtek, Rana, Nayomi, and Medusa TN.

Nacelle (Egypt) – From 21:00 to 02:00 

Egypt’s event powerhouse Nacelle will host a party at XP Nite, featuring a roster of Egyptian talents like DJ Jess and DJ Aly Goede, along with Berlin’s Madmotormiquel, and German house music duo Session Victim.

Spotify x EQUAL Arabia (UAE) – From 22:00 till 02:00 

For this year’s XP Nite, Spotify is partnering with regional favourite Femme Fest for a new edition of their audio-visual journey, EQUAL Arabia. The festival’s lineup will see Manal, Fulana, Malak, Maii, and Meron T take to the stage.

SceneNoise (MENA) – From 22:45 till 23:00 

SceneNoise will host a live performance by Egyptian rap icon Abyusif at this year's XP Nite program.

MDLBEAST Records (KSA) X SVNBIRDS (Sudan) – From 23:00 till 02:00 

KSA’s MDLBEAST Records and SVNBIRDS have joined forces to showcase sounds from across the region, including Saudi rapper Ntitled, Sudanese-Saudi rapper Dafencii, Egyptian DJ K-laff, along with Walgz, Soulja, Asayel, Fodi, DJ Nileboi, and Shaolin.