Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Walgz and Ntitled Offer an Early 2K Chronicle In Latest 'Moya wa Zait'

The duo take us on a trip to early 2000s with modern production methods.

Ahmed Khalaf

Saudi artist Ntitled has been rising at an accelerating rate in recent years, leading the modern hip hop wave in Saudi Arabia with his innovative productions and seamless spitting abilities. Sudanese rapper Walgz, meanwhile, quickly garnered attention due to his alluring vocals and sentimental songwriting direction. In their latest collaboration, the duo bring the early 2000s back in ‘Moya Wa Zait’ with modern spice.

Together, Ntitled and Walgz stir their unique talents into the same pot. The resulting single is served with a peculiar overtone, courtesy of Ntitled’s production which brilliantly fuses a classic lead-synth with contemporary drum programming. The name ‘Moya wa Zait’ - which literally means ‘Water and Oil’ - represents the futility of mixing opposites together. With this single however they seemed to have made a convincing case otherwise.

This single marks the first of a series of upcoming collaborations between Ntitled and Walgz. In the meanwhile, you can check out ‘Moya wa Zait’ below.