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9 Epic International DJs That Performed in Egypt in 2016

As the year draws to a close, we look back at it in parties and we couldn't help but pause reminiscently at nine remarkable stops, made so by nine of the best international artists that played in Egypt during 2016. Many more came and brought their music, but those are the ones that really stood out.

Every year, our country plays host to numerous international DJs that supply the music to our awesome parties, which have become an integral and indispensable part of social life in Egypt. Most of our international guests exceed their reputations and perform beyond our expectations, but these nine managed to really stand out, playing amazing sets that left us in awe, bringing something different to the local party scene.

 tINI and the Gang @ Nacelle's House Sessions (January 2016)Image by Zeyad Gohary

House sessions introduced to the scene a fresh and edgy sound before ending an era that has changed underground clubbing in Egypt forever. The show started with bouncy minimal tunes by Bill Patrick that lead the crowd through peaking highs and stumbling lows. As the night went on, tINI took over dropping some micro-house bombs that, up until then, had never hit Egypt before.

 Rodriguez JR. @ Blurr 100% (April 2016)

A unique musician that perfected the task of connecting with the crowd and helped them transcend to a higher state. During a keyboard and two decks, he managed to deliver us into an induced state of bliss. From one melody to the other, Rodriguez JR. was able to sustain a stellar vibe of eclectic hedonism spanning his two hour set. 

Monolink @ Nacelle's Sandbox 2016 (May 2016)
Image by Zeyad Gohary

An outstanding performance by Monolink, playing guitar solos while mixing fresh deep melodic tunes, paired with his vocals, he delivered a fresh take on your regular festival warm up. The crowd was spun into a sensational mood, properly kicking off Sandbox 2016.

David Mayer @ Space Sharm El Sheikh (May 2016)
Image by Space Sharm

A plethora of sub genres in one set is not for everyone, but David Mayer proved that through meticulous track selection, one can take the crowd on a celestial trip through different styles of house and techno. The German artist came in with an incredibly fresh sound, captivating the crowd at Space Sharm with his set.

 Nicole Moudaber @ Club Central (July 2016)

This lady has been killing it all over the world for the past couple of years. The Lebanese-Nigerian DJ did an outstanding job, delivering a unique set at the opening of Club Central, unparalleled at the time, making the occasion a blast for everyone. And Moudaber - out of all the club's epic bookings last season - still comes to mind whenever the nightspot is mentioned.

Stephan Bodzin @ Aura Arena (August 2016)

Stephan Bodzin needs no introduction, especially after what he did to us last summer. His prominence among Egyptian party-goers enhanced the overall vibe, leading to an epic night in the heart of Sahel. His show isn't about jumping around and dancing your ass off, it's a trip to a distant dimension, through different sounds, utilising modified solos played live.

Soul Button @ Exit (August 2016)

The Germans have earned a reputation for offering unique contributions to the Electronic music scene, and Soul Button certainly lived up to that. The owner of Steyoyke Records proved that he can control a crowd, with what he calls “ethereal techno and ethnic vocals,” that made us all shudder in ecstasy - literally.

Edu Imbernon @ Back 2 Basics' We Are All Mad Here (November 2016)

Although it's not his first time in Egypt, Edu Imbernon's set at Back2Basics really stood out. It portrayed a journey where he inspired every single person in attendance. B2B made sure everyone was dressed in black, making us feel like we were clubbing in Berlin or something.

 Tale Of Us @ Give Me Another Shot by Nacelle (December 2016)Image by Zeyad Gohary

The formidable duo of Karm and Matteo Milleri (a.k.a. Tale of Us) has been on our minds since their 2011 debut release on Visionquest. Ever since then, we have been praying to God that someone books them to perform in Egypt. To our surprise, just as the year was coming to a close, Nacelle, in partnership with Give Me Another Shot, went and done it! At a never seen before venue, the duo performed one of the best sets played by an international artist within our country this year.