Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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A-Squared and Co. Next Monday at Cairo Jazz Club invite Veteran DJ/Producer Fredrick Stone

Catch Fredrick Stone's much anticipated return to Egypt at Cairo Jazz Club next Monday the 13th alongside his hosts A-Squared, for an all night session - take Tuesday off now.

Staff Writer

Fredrick Stone has been a regular visitor of Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. If you shout "Fredrick Stone is playing at my after party," on a crowded street in Dubai after closing hours we can guarantee no less than half of the city's party-goers at your place for days, waiting for Fredrick to start playing. We know him as a dance floor music producer from releases like Hope on Voyeur Records, but more recently Stone has been heading in another direction with warm electronica productions. Stone has always been about this combination between warm and fuzzy music, a mix of remixed classics and spanking new productions that you are guaranteed to be hearing for the very first time. Amir El Banna and Amr Ahmed aka A-Squared, have been granted a night by Cairo's leading music establishment to curate the lineup and invite all of their friends and followers to hear them play. Cairo Jazz Club has dedicated a monthly night to A-Squared and their company, fittingly calling it A-Squared & Co. The artists are well connected, both well ingrained within the scene in Egypt and beyond.

A-Squared know their music and are seasoned party veterans; they understand that a crowd is not always entirely made up of people solely into underground genres and know that sometimes a well known track that the entire crowd can sing along to is much welcomed - especially on a Monday. 
We contacted the duo to find out more, and they told us "when we first decided to host a foreign booking for the A-Squared & Co. night we wanted to bring to the table a relevant artist, a DJ with a multiple variety of sounds, a real crowed reader who seems to really enjoy spinning new tunes in every performance and most importantly a DJ that once inspired us." They continued "as for our sound, since day one we decided to play fresh music and stick to it, we adapt this to wherever we are playing from morning sets to underground late night sets. You will always find a fresh element that keeps your energy high and gives you a next day morning smile and loads of positive energy." 

For more info checkout Cairo Jazz Club's event page and follow them on Instagram @CairoJazzClub for regular updates.