Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Aly Nabeeh: Waiting for Forever

Another addition to Egypt's ever growing Rap and R&B scene, Aly Nabeeh's new mix tape is an ode to summer jams and sick beats. We take a listen...

Staff Writer

The Rap and R&B scene is slowly but surely growing in our beautiful country with brand new artists popping up all over the place trying to claim the throne before their peers. Well, we at SceneNoise are working around the clock to try and expose all these underground and underrated artists for your listening pleasure and we just happened to stumble upon a mix tape that piqued our interest.

The name Aly Nabeeh may not ring any bells but after listening to this album, it will. The young artist, based out of Cairo, has just released Waiting for Forever; a classic fusion of R&B and Rap primarily produced by Aly Nabeeh himself. The rapper, songwriter and producer seems to have put a lot of efforts into this release, putting all his artistic cards on the table to produce a summer soundtrack.

When you start off listening to the introductory track, Welcome to Forever, you might not really understand what is being said when he sings but the distortion adds a bit of drama and intrigue to what is otherwise a very laid-back-rum-in-one-hand-joint-in-the-other kind of beat. It certainly sets the tone for summer and we can imagine many a beach hangout starting with this mix tape.

The second track Relapse starts off nice and slow and sounds like a love song, which it is, but it’s about the pains of love and life itself, giving the track a more mature edge than the works of many of Nabeeh's young counterparts. The beat continues to pick up and Aly Nabeeh starts defining his signature flow, proving his rap skills. 

What You Need is a prime example of Aly Nabeeh’s ability to adapt to the beat and make the lyrics work. The track features a beautiful sounding chorus and the way he switches between machine-gun style rapping and his original flow is no easy feat but he makes it work. It may sound a little bit gritty and a few words here and there are inaudible but it's still a solid effort from the up and coming rapper. 

In Bounce, Nabeeh switches it up to the typical old skool Rap beat and matching flow. The lyrics are kind of all over the place but he is in sync with the beat which is crucial to any rap song. To us, this is one of those songs you listen to so you can get hyped up before a long night of partying or hitting the gym; the beat is really in your face ad quite literally shakes the speakers.

The highlight of the mix tape is the seventh track Cry which features someone simply referred to as Sarah. Opening up the track is Sarah passionately singing in a way that gives the listener goosebumps, with a touch pain in her voice. As it transitions to Aly Nabeeh, he takes the beat by storm giving us a plethora of well thought out lyrics detailing the struggle he may have faced when trying to please his lover emotionally. Not the mention the beat is pretty damn good.

Like any artist, work can always be done to better the final project, but we'll definitely be hoping to hear more from this guy in the future.