Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Blurring the Lines: Misty On Sebastien Leger

In the run-up to the massive Blurrfest taking over Sahl Hasheesh, we'll be profiling the Egyptian DJs ready to dominate the decks and find out which of the international acts they're most looking forward to and why. First up, DJ Misty...

Staff Writer

Blurring the Lines: Misty On Sebastien Leger

To say we're thrilled is an understatement; to say we're ready wouldn't do it justice; to say excitement marks our days and colours our sky... Then maybe we're getting close. And it's not just us: everyone feels this way about Blurrfest. Perhaps it's the line-up full of international, superstar DJs, perhaps it's the packages on offer, to stay at prime spots for a good deal, or maybe it's the organisational skills we've become used to from the guys at Blurr that's assuring in a way where we know we'll have the best time of our lives.

The only people more excited than us are the DJs: they're in a line-up made of dreams. They get to go shoulder to shoulder with artists who not only have inspired them, but helped shape their musical taste and direction. We sit down with DJ Misty, one of our local heroes, to discuss his future plans, his set up for the gig, and of course his favourite international DJ on the line-up.

We’re really excited for Blurrfest, and we’re sure you are as well. How is this gig different for you?

Excited is barely the word. Seeing a big line up like this happening in a location like Sahl Hasheesh is almost like a match made in heaven. What excites me most is that Egypt is now looking like a major player in the Middle East for electronic music; both as a destination and a supplier.

Did you prep in a different way this time, and what can the crowd expect from you?

In terms of the technicality, I’ve only recently made the move to Traktor so I'm playing with a different setup now consisting of an X1, F1 and the new D2 controllers. It’s giving me more flexibility with what I can do on stage. Hopefully you’ll like what I’ll play!

What does it feel like to perform with this line up and whom is your favourite from the international DJs coming?

I’m anxious to see what everyone brings to the table. It’s hard to pick out a favourite when you’re looking at Booka Shade, Soul Clap, Edu Imbernon and Sebastien Leger but for me, it has to be Sebastien Leger

How did Sebastian Leger shape your sound today and how has he inspired you?

When I first started to DJ, Sebastien was already a legend. At that time his Electro/French style really shaped House music back and I was there to hear his sound develop into the melodic trancey (the word not the genre) style that it is now. I remember his label (Mistakes music) putting out the most interesting and forward pushing tracks and we’re seeing that happen again with his new Temple of lions label

What’s next on your plate? What should we expect this coming period that’s new from you?

I’ve been focusing mainly on productions and studio work and really getting down to finishing a couple of EPs before the end of the year.