Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Kurt Galalah left his little Pop music bubble this week to head on over to Cairo Jazz Club for a Tuesday night filled with electrified live sounds.

Staff Writer

Tuesday nights aren’t typically “fun-frivolous-waking up the next day feeling like P. Diddy,” but High Voltage night at Cairo Jazz Club was the next best thing. Tuesdays there are all about the live music, whether electronic or instrumental, and are a much needed mid-week pick-me-up.

It all started with a few after-work drinks with some friends talking about everything that’s NOT work; “The last Girls episode was amazeballs!” “Who stole Eihab’s spaghetti?” “Ugh, I hate Shaaban Abdel-Raheem.”

Machine Eat Man

I was on my fifth beer (which translates to drunk in my language) when I saw everyone at the bar (including my friends) ditching me to head to the stage. It was Machine Eat Man, a band formed of two Sons of Anarchy-looking guys that played what appeared to be Psychedelic, Electronic-Chill music fused with tribal percussion sounds with random footage of Mickey Mouse, killer whales and Obama showing on a big screen in the background. It all sounds weird, and it was, but it was the good kind of weird, the kind that kept me dancing and on my toes the entire time they were playing that when they finished their set list, I screamed “MACHINE EAT MAN KAMAN MARA!” 


Telepoetic took on the stage next with a unique blend of Rock guitar chords and Electronic synths. At first I was waiting for the lyrics but then, when I realised they were never going to come, I began to focus on the music itself, getting lost in a trance, filled with warm-vibrations. I started to get super into it just as Puzzle took the baton. To be honest, I was all like, oh, another Oriental Western Fusion Rock band... But then all these dark quirky experimental noises started coming into play and it got really rather melodic. Brazo Puzzle, you certainly are a puzzle.

Next week at CJC sees a return to Jammin’ Tuesday, where the newly formed Blue Cable will debut their unique Pop Rock sound ahead of Spunky Dynamite who will take on the rest of the night with their unmistakable Funk stylings, for a little reminder of what real instruments are.

Tuesday 18th March sees uber-violinist Taylor Rankin return (check out our interview with him here) to the stage for a bit of stringed inspiration and a new take on a classic instrument. Like a bat out of hell, OFFBEAT headline this night with a heavy dose of Hard Rock and (hopefully) head-banging.

Come the 25th March, the quickly-rising Grey Grass debut at CJC, bringing with them their quirky and quaint Indie, Pop and Jazz covers, reworked with a bit of cheekiness and a lot of musical talent – the perfect warm up for Screwdriver who’ll be headlining the night with their effervescent Pop, Rock and Funk tunes.

You can book for all of these nights using Tazkarty.