Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Crash Boom Banging

Crash Boom Bang is a high-energy cover band for playing all the music you can’t help but sing along to. But you knew that already.

Staff Writer

The six-piece unit features the powerful vocals of Amr Yehia, Sherif Alaa strumming on guitar, Fady Badr pounding away on the keyboard, Amr Galal splitting atoms on the drums, Nour Ashour’s very hot horns, and the jamming bass talents of Ahmed Hani, as well as occasional guest appearances by some of the best musicians in town.This Thursday, the musical men are celebrating their 4th anniversary with a sports-themed blow-out at Cairo Jazz Club. CairoScene caught up with the group to talk day jobs, super powers and Khaleeji songs while they played Pro-Evo on PlayStation.

When did Crash Boom Bang get together?

It’s been four years. We started in December 2008.

Did you all know each other before you started?

No. At first, a couple of us were in a band called Vybe, then it ended. We later decided we would start another band. And that was that.

What was your main inspiration?

There’s no single inspiration. It doesn’t have to be funk music. There’s rock, disco, RnB or pop. As a band there’s no one influence, every member has a different influence for their music..

Were you playing anywhere before Jazz club?

We played in Gouna and other places in Hurghada like Camel Bar. But CJC is our favorite.

Where did the name come from?

Amr Yehia was the brains behind it. There were other names before it. For a while it was just Crash Boom and at one point, Crash Boom Bank!

As a band, what is your ultimate dream?

Of course our dreams have changed over time. Every period there’s a different dream. Right now, our dream is just to stay alive and not go to jail and to be able to freely play our music.

What advice would you give kids who want to make a record and become famous?

Every person has their dream but in the end, if you’re happy with your music, everything else will eventually fall into place. You can’t just say ‘I’m going to go be famous’, it will happen on its own.  You also have to be realistic when you’re starting up. That’s why we see that singing covers is a step. We listen to a lot of songs and play a lot of songs, so that afterwards when we have an original, we have more experience.

Who’s your favourite Egyptian artist?

This also differs from one person to another. Every band has a different style, so it’s hard to say. It depends on what we want to listen to and our mood. Plus, they’re all our friends.

Whenever you perform, you usually have a theme. Do you feel that this takes away or adds to the music?

This time we’re doing the sports theme but it’s just a dress code. It all adds to the fun!

Crash Boom Bang Galabeya/Se3eedi themed 3rd Anniversary

What are you guys going to be wearing?

Each of us is going to be different. Amr might be a boxer, Wael an American football player…

Have you heard of a club called El Regina? It’s the best Khaleeji club in Egypt with the best Khaleeji DJs in Egypt. Would you play there?

We have songs that might work!  Franco-Khaleeji songs.  “Ok ok ok my darling ok… everything ok… everything ok… ok ok ok… my daaarling ok ok… everything ok… everything ok (ok)… ta3ala ya habeebi…”.

If you could have anyone join your band,  who would it be?

Bassem Youssef! We all love him. Ismail Yassin as well, he sings and acts.

If there’s one superstar from your band who you think can make it solo? 

Each one of us has other things going on. Sherif, for example, he plays at the bank in the morning!

Do you have any crazy fans?

All the girls!

Did you ever have a girl play for Crash Boom Bang?

We’ve played with Nancy a few times. She’s a great percussionist.

What’s craziest thing that has happened to you while playing?

One time we broke a stage! Our show is very hectic and we were jumping around! The owner of the place wasn’t very happy!

Can Timmy play triangle in your band?


What is your favourite cover?

The one that gets the most reaction could be Mercy. But our favourite is probably I Wish.

We see you guys are kind of more interested in playing Fifa on the PlayStation then conducting this interview.

No, no, this is Pro-Evo not Fifa. Maybe one day we’ll have our own Playstation.

If you had a super power what would you have?

Flying for sure, or losing weight.

Who has the biggest penis?

God has blessed us all to be honest.  With these kind of questions we’re going to lose each other.

What was the best gig you’ve played?

All of them are fun. It’s a hard question. But our most memorable gig would be the first one. It was the Christmas party at Cairo Jazz Club. Also, the Korba Festival. It was the first time for us to play to a crowd that big, it was about 5,000 people.

Crash Boom Bang Christmas Party at CJC

So what are we expecting from Crash Boom Bang on the 30th

We are promoting health and fitness.

Do you want to say anything else?

It’s very important to do what you love and care about, and move forward. We also want to tell people that if you’re stressed, all you need to do is play sports and listen to Crash Boom Bang. If you want to do both at the same time, come on Thursday!

Don’t miss Crash Boom Bang live at CJC for Crash Boom Cirque - a fantastical circus celebration, on Tuesday July 2nd. Book here.