Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Don't Miss: Ahmed Safi at Cairo Jazz Club

We get a listen of Ahmed Safi's new solo stuff ahead of his big debut at Cairo Jazz Club tomorrow and find out a little bit more about his new style from the man himself...

Staff Writer

Don't Miss: Ahmed Safi at Cairo Jazz Club

Whilst he may have entered the public consciousness as one half of the happy-go-lucky duo High on Body Fat, Ahmed Safi is a long cry from singing satirical covers of Lady Gaga on national TV and, with his new solo project, we're beginning to get glimpses of his artistic potential. 

Through bits and pieces of his highly anticipated debut album, you get the impression that Safi is someone to break the barriers between the 'Oriental Indie Rock' that we have come to know and bemoan and what Arabic Indie Rock should sound like. Now we're not really sure if you can describe a guys voice as beautiful, but frankly, his voice is fucking beautiful, softly bellowed at you simmering on a bed of emotive guitar riffs. "Everything I have growing up listening to, from Funk to Jazz and Rock... I've put all of this together, adding my own twist and a bit of Oriental taste," Safi told us on the influences for his new music. 
You can check Ahmed Safi and his band perform material from the upcoming album live at Cairo Jazz Club tomorrow Tuesday 26th August. 
You can book online for this night at CJC at