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Euro's Two Wooden Stones at CJC

A mix of European Folk and acoustic Rock, Germany's Two Wooden Stones hit Cairo Jazz Club next week. For those who don't know, here's what this eclectic band is all about.

Attention all ye music lovers. The always amazing Cairo Jazz Club is continuing the tradition of creating an inspiring atmosphere for musicians, by bringing the freshest live acts from abroad. On April 13th, none other than the Two Wooden Stones will be flying in from Germany on their massive MENA tour promoting their latest album Looking for the Light.

Led by French singer-songwriter Shelhom, Two Wooden Stones are a must see for anyone who loves dynamic acoustic Folk Rock. For those who don't know this euro quartet, the best way to describe their music is like a mix between Ben Harper and Lifehouse. The four-piece, composed of drums, acoustic guitar, keyboards and double bass, providing for a full sound that is neither too much nor too little. With varying melodies and poetic lyrics, Two Wooden Stones will definetly have you feeling something by the end of the night.

They are very talented when it comes to appreciating patience, and their smooth production makes it possible to hear and distinguish layers in their beautiful waves. The band has been playing and touring for three years, and considering they have been covered by Spin Radio and Rolling Stone, one can assume that they there performance will be tight, making for a memorable night.

That being said, any night at the CJC is memorable, as the venue is notorious being a nightlife chameleon-like space, catering to every possible niche in Cairo. If it wasn't for their efforts, Cairo's musical landscape would be monotone, and no one can argue with that. It is rare to find a location that programmes eclectically diverse music, almost on a daily basis, so take advantage of the Cairo Jazz Club tireless efforts, as this will be the only show Two Wooden Stones will play in Egypt on their tour of the region.

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