Monday 5 of December, 2022
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FKJ: Why Everyone has been Flipping Over this Dude's Videos

French multi-instrumentalist/producer breaks the internet with his collaborative videos

Staff Writer

FKJ, which stands for "French Kiwi Juice,” is a multi instrumentalist/DJ/producer whose videos have been making waves on YouTube. His latest video series features him collaborating with artists such as Masejo and June Marieezy, recording their live improvisation while also playing instruments.

Essentially an underground producer and DJ of the Parisian scene, he is considered by many as a multi-talented virtuoso alternating between the bass guitar, vocals, guitar, keyboard and saxophone. What sets FKJ apart from the crowd is that he does not limit himself to working with one artist; he constantly raises the bar by being able to bring out the best in his collaborators. He merges different instruments and elements of various genres, carving something progressive and unique.

In his hit song Tadow which has over 7 million views, the 24-year-old producer shuffles between saxophone, keyboard solos and warm guitar chords. He gathers and arranges all his elements using his laptop and controllers.FKJ collaborates with vocalist/guitarist Tom Misch on “Losing My Way”, a modern take on neo soul that merges electronic and bluesy elements with beautiful vocals. In this piece, both artists are singing together in different octaves, creating a beautiful unison harmony. FKJ is especially skilled on the saxophone and keyboard; constantly playing jazz inspired solos that would warm the soul of any music aficionado.In his DJ sets, FKJ has helped popularize the new French house movement, which falls far from his live set style. His debut EP was released in 2012 on Roche Musique, and has been released on various labels ever since. Everything is recorded on the spot with lots of improvisation, and FKJ is able to utilize all his different talents into one art form.

We now live in an era where technology has facilitated laziness, and has given us the option of programming and editing musical ideas rather than playing them out. On the other hand, non electronic music involves playing everything on an instrument, which provides an organic feel, avoiding repetition and breathing life into the musical piece. While some elements are looped In FKJ’s music, many are played live through the whole song. No matter how much a producer tries to mimic real music, the human element will always be missing. These imperfect faults give music the soul and spirit it needs, and FKJ embodies this soul.  Check out FKJ on Soundcloud and Facebook for regular updates and follow him on YouTube for more videos.