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FRACTAL Brings Makam To Cairo

UK party heroes FRACTAL are coming to Egypt and they're bringing Ostgut Ton's Makam.

UK party promoters Fractal are bringing Berghain/Dekmantel resident Makam to Cairo for their debut party in Egypt. For a while now, Cairo hasn’t seen a booking of this caliber; there has been a lack of parties where one can actually go, close his eyes, and dedicate the night to a musical journey. With the help of some local artists, Fractal will be turning downtown Cairo’s Shahrazad on the 16th of November into an immersive space taking you on the musical journey you’ve been craving. Opening the night are local veterans Aroussi and Zeina, followed by the Fractal man himself Miyuru. Cairo has been buzzing in anticipation of this party. 

We talked to the co-founders of Fractal Ahmed El-Naggar and Miyuru Diaz, to find out a little more about the company’s aesthetic and why they chose Egypt for their next party.

Fractal started as a way of “sidestepping the flashiness of generic UK parties and going back to basics: a dark and intimate dance floor, a dope sound system and no-frills music. Two years on, our main focus is still on the music and the vibe.” In terms of music, Fractal has never booked an artist that they are not 100% percent behind. They try to explore all realms within the spectrum of underground dance music and try to curate the perfect lineup for the night. Previously, they have booked well known selectors such as Ben UFO, Denis Sulta & Palms but also try to champion underground artists like Bake, Plo Man, Wbeeza and others.

They have promised to provide the same aesthetic in Cairo, “pushing boundaries and adding something exciting to the bubbling local scene.”  
For more info check out Fractal on Facebook.