Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Newest Hit Single By Hassan El Shafie 'Lessa Fi Kaman'

Hassan El Shafie surprises us again by collaborating with Shady Ahmed to bring us with his newest hit single 'Lessa Fi Kaman' (There's Still More).

Staff Writer

Music brings life to almost everything. Just adding the element of music to anything in life magnifies this surge of emotions and passion in us. Seriously, think about it. Post-breakup, you listen to these powerful songs that you know would make you cry more but you just love the added feeling. When in love, you listen to romantic songs that somehow inject your heart with multiple dosages of love. Even when you are just happily content with life in general, you listen to joyful and fun beats to kind of amplify your feeling of merriment. And just when you think life has given you everything and that there can’t be more, life surprises you with that which you expect the least. In other words, always remember that There Is More (Lessa Fi Kaman), as Egyptian music producer Hassan El Shafei would put it. In an amazingly inspirational collaboration with Shady Ahmed, El Shafei finally comes out with his new hit that is taking the Internet by storm. Said to be a song that puts an instant smile on your face and a long-lasting feeling of joy in your hearts, we'll let you check it out yourselves.
 Check out Hassan El Shafei’s Facebook here or Shady Ahmed’s here.