Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Brace yourselves; everyone's favourite nightspot is back on the map - Vent is back, promising better, and infinitely higher-quality music, along with a completely optimized experience.

Staff Writer


Sipping cocktails on the beach, Instagramming the sunset and listening to dreamy lounge music surrounded by droves of shiny happy people is nice and all, but frankly we've missed Vent. Because nothing beats rocking in at 1:00 AM in sweatpants for some basement bangers, without an inkling of what kind of conversations we'll get into or new fangled beats we'll hear. 

After a short summer hiatus, the Downtown hotspot is back with some major renovations and innovations taking things up several notches. For starters, and most importantly, they're making a drastic improvement to the sound quality inside the venue. Working with AF Acoustical Consultancy, they have made Vent the only acoustically treated music venue in Egypt. So, along with the Funktion One speakers already in place, get ready for a whole new experience, giving the casual listener, fist pumper, shoe-gazers and naysayers a taste of precisely how the artists performing intend to sound.

ITAL & Aurora Halal performing at Vent season one closing party

With broadband absorption panels, bass traps and A1-LF optimised stepped diffusers, Vent has turned into "a sophisticated listening space that focuses on turning every audience member into a critical listener, musician or not," according to Ahmed Farahat of AF Acoustical Consultancy. "All the previous excessive reverb, delays, flutter echoes, muddiness and so on will cease to exist, to the tune of 0.4 seconds."

Vent will also be hosting two new concept nights; 'The Quiet Versions', similar to MTV's Unplugged. The venue will invite artists to perform stripped down versions of their original compositions. The second concept is '& Friends,' where artists are asked to curate a specific line-up from their musician friends. 

Vent's Cinema Night will also be returning, as 'Vent Screenings,' which will include a more selective program of films as well as a comfier environment, and a new screen (as well as flavoured popcorn!). 

VENT's presence in Cairo nightlife is a vital one for Egypt's burgeoning art and music scene, and it's come a long way since being the "venue that 3 dudes came up with over a beer one fine afternoon," co-founder Asem Tag tells us. "This season, we've taken a step forward, in every direction possible. Better sound, sophisticated lighting, new interiors, bigger bookings and an intense schedule with a little something for everyone," he continues, before cheekily adding their very own new antithetical dress code - "No loafers, no shirt/short combos and top-hats get you a free shot."

Stay tuned for details on their Season 2 opening party on September 9.

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